Cold Weather Camping Activities To Try This Winter

Young couple throwing snowballs at one another in front of a decorated RV.

There’s no reason to wait for the summer to go on an RV camping trip. In fact, what you do on your trip shouldn’t be limited because of the weather either. With a wide range of fun activities for you and your family and friends to do, you can make memories to last a lifetime right in the middle of a winter wonderland. In this blog, our team at Rjourney will show you some of the many cold-weather camping activities you can enjoy on your next trip.

Go Snowshoeing or Cross-Country Skiing

Whether you own a pair of snowshoes or skis or need to rent them doesn’t matter. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are fun and family-friendly activities that people of all ages can enjoy. Take in the sights and sounds of nature as you trek snowy paths across the country.

Go On a Tubing or Sledding Adventure

Want a more thrilling and fast-paced way to explore nature? Grab a tube or a sled and hit the snowy hills on a tubing and sledding adventure! The cold air rushing by as you’re flung down the hill is a feeling unlike any other. Be cautious as you sled or tube, as there is the risk of injury. To better minimize injury risk, look out for any trees and rocks that might get in the way.

Go Bird or Animal Watching

Don’t want to do a ton of physical activity? No worries! You can take in the great outdoors all the same through bird and animal watching. Although birds are typically less active in the winter, it makes the sighting of one all the more special and spectacular when it happens. Make sure to not only bring binoculars but also something to write notes and thoughts in.

Additional Activities To Help You Stay Warm While Winter Camping

The best part about camping in the cold is that your options aren’t limited to the previous three activities. There are plenty of additional activities for you and your loved ones to choose from. Some activities you can do this upcoming trip include:

  • Ice skating
  • Ice fishing
  • Snowball fight
  • Ride snowmobiles
  • Stargazing
  • Enjoy a warm meal

Cold Weather Camping Tips

You can utilize several tips and tricks to stay warm as you camp in the cold winter weather. Some of these tips include dressing warm through layering, sleeping warm in a comfortable space, and settling into the spot you plan to stay in. For additional ways to plan and prepare for your next winter RV camping trip, visit our planning tips page.

Enjoy RV Camping in Cold Weather at Rjourney

If you’re looking for a little winter enchantment, look no further than Rjourney for the best winter RV camping resorts and campgrounds. Our many resorts across the country make for nothing short of the best winter RV camping experience. Whether you stay for just a weekend getaway or long term, your perfect vacation is waiting for you with us. Find your nearest Rjourney RV resort or contact us online to plan your stay today!

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