Explore the Rogue Valley Wine Region While Staying in Klamath Falls

In this blog, our team will guide you through the many wineries of the Rogue Valley AVA and the attractions and restaurants of nearby Klamath Falls, OR. Symmetric vineyard rows at an Oregon winery.

Rogue Valley is Located in southern Oregon, a sun-drenched terrain of three distinct valleys. Known for its warm and cold climate varieties, this fertile land has become a cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest’s wine culture. With many wineries and vineyards spanning its vast landscape, it can be daunting for those looking to take a proper Oregon wine tour. Thankfully, there’s a quality place to stay not far from the valley’s heart in Klamath Falls, OR.

With an excellent knowledge of the many attractions and eateries to visit, you’ll unlock the hidden secrets of Klamath Falls and Rogue Valley. In this blog, our team at Rjourney will guide you through the many wineries, attractions, and restaurants of both Klamath Falls and the Rogue Valley Wine Country.

A Brief History of the Rogue Valley AVA

First, to better appreciate the area, it’s best to dive into the history of Rogue Valley. After all, a long and illustrious history involves a complete revival of the region’s interest in wine and vineyards, which only made it stronger than ever. Some of the significant events in Rogue Valley’s wine history include:

  • 1840s. European immigrants start planting grapes and making wine in the area.
  • 1852. Peter Britt, an early gold rusher, plants the first formal vineyard in Rogue Valley.
  • 1873. Valley View Winery, the first Rogue Valley winery, opens its doors.
  • 1907. Original Valley View Winery closed.
  • 1968. An Oregon State University professor plants an experimental vineyard, which ignites a rediscovered interest in wine in Oregon.
  • 1972. Valley View Winery gets resurrected under new management.
  • 1991. Rogue Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) was established.

Bear Creek Wine Trail

Once you understand how this Oregon wine country came to be, it’s time to explore all it offers. There are several wine trails to trek through the Oregon wine map for solo travelers and large groups. Coming from Klamath Falls, you’ll first encounter the Bear Creek Wine Trail.

Just a few minutes away from cities such as Ashland and Jacksonville, this scenic valley and collection of fine wineries comprise the region’s southernmost portion of the Rogue Valley AVA. From lavish estates to a wide variety of tasting rooms, you will find a destination to explore among these carefully tended vineyards.

A woman in a wine cellar holding up a wine glass and smiling.

[H3] Irvine and Roberts Vineyards

One of the staple wineries of the Bear Creek Wine Trail is Irvine and Roberts Vineyards. Located five miles from downtown Ashland, this beautiful estate is eager to invite you into its lavish tasting rooms to enjoy delicious pairings among the panoramic backdrop of breathtaking views. This vineyard is known for its award-winning chardonnay and pinot noirs, which pair nicely with a gentle afternoon breeze or sunset.

Upper Rogue Wine Trail

Right up I-5 sits the next significant portion of the Rogue Valley AVA, the Upper Rogue Wine Trail. Exploring this trail, you can take in the many variations of grapes and wine made not far from the lush Rogue River.

Kriselle Cellars

For the Upper Rogue Wine Trail, we recommend stopping at Kriselle Cellars. Underneath the many shaded umbrella seats and tables, you can choose between several world-class wines and culinary food pairings made and grown throughout the area.

Applegate Wine Trail

As you travel west of the Upper Rogue trail, you’ll soon reach one of Rogue Valley and Oregon’s staple areas, the Applegate Wine Trail. Spanning approximately 50 miles and 70,000 fertile acres, this majestic landscape is home to some of Rogue Valley’s most historic and significant vineyards and wineries.

Valley View Winery

The winery that started it all, Valley View Winery, is found along the Applegate Wine Trail. A critical part of Oregon’s wine scene is entering the picturesque tasting rooms to enjoy the wide selection of wines, including cabernet sauvignon, merlot, viognier, syrah, and tempranillo. This venue is also a perfect location to host an event or wedding.

Jacksonville Wine Trail

Looping back close to the southern parts of the valley is the Jacksonville Wine Trail. Near the gold-rush-preserved city of the same name, experience the many astounding varieties of regional wines throughout the many stunning estates and vineyards found throughout the land.

Tilted crop of happy young adults toasting at a winery tasting room.

DANCIN Vineyards

Specializing in pinot noirs and Chardonnays, DANCIN Vineyards is essential to the Jacksonville Wine Trail and Rogue Valley Wine Country. Take your place at one of the many sitting areas and tasting rooms, where you can enjoy a wide selection of wines and food pairings made with seasonal ingredients from the local and artisan community.

Attractions To Do in Klamath Falls, OR

After exploring Oregon wine country, it’s best to make your way back and explore what Klamath Falls has to offer. For a taste of nature, explore Moore Park and its many facilities, such as its disc golf course, basketball courts, and extensive trails. To learn more about the community around you, visit the Favell Museum, which has a vast collection of artifacts and items detailing the history and art of the American West’s indigenous groups.

Restaurants in Klamath Falls, OR

Are you looking for a bite to eat? There are plenty of restaurants and eateries across Klamath Falls to satisfy any palette. Here are just a few recommendations to get you started:

  • Nibbley’s Cafe. A relaxed, old-fashioned eatery serving up American staples and homemade desserts.
  • Wubba’s BBQ Shack. A Kansas City-style barbecue restaurant serving classic meat dishes in a homely environment.
  • Waffle Hut and Eatery. A bustling local joint offering many kinds of waffles and other diner-style meals.
  • Roosters Steak and Chop House. A great sit-down restaurant serving American cuisine all within an upscale-chic atmosphere.

Ways To Stay in Klamath Falls, OR

Staying in Klamath Falls is your best option for having the town within your reach and the whole of Rogue Valley. When you’re on a budget and need a quality place to stay, the best option is to stay at a campground. The many benefits of staying at the right campground include a safe experience, all with quality amenities and on-site accommodations.

Explore Klamath Falls, OR, and Rogue Valley With Rjourney

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