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A man teaching his son how to fish near a tent.

Camping often means plenty of open space to go biking, kayaking, fishing, and more. There’s nothing like trail biking through the woods or kayaking on the lake in the middle of the day. Whatever hobby you’re into or interested in trying, we here at Rjourney highly recommend bringing your recreational gear with you on your next adventure to one of our RV resorts. Whether you’re looking for new camping activities or already have an established list of outdoor activities, here is a list of outdoor recreational equipment you may need for each.

Camping Activities

When you make an excursion into the wild corners of nature, your recreational options crack wide open. From the physical demand of hiking to the more leisurely momentum of fishing and everything in between, if you have the right gear on hand, you can do nearly anything.

Though we can’t possibly list every option for outdoor activity, we want to give you a brief run-through of some popular options, and the type of equipment or supplies you’ll need to enjoy your recreation to its fullest.

Trail Hiking

Man trekking along a mountain trail.

Hiking can be as simple as throwing on a pair of sturdy shoes and venturing down a trail, to meticulously packing a backpack larger than your torso and carving your own path through days off the beaten path. Whatever your hiking style, we want to strike a middle ground between new and experienced hikers alike. The supplies you bring on your hike will depend on the terrain you might encounter and what kind of hike you plan to do. Since your gear may vary, it’s important to do a little research on the trail you’ll be taking to help guide your list of gear. Regardless of the trail you choose, there are still a few essentials we recommend bringing on any hike:

  • A backpack that can fit all your supplies
  • Hiking boots with good support and traction
  • A map, compass, GPS unit, or other means of pinpointing your location
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and anything else to shield you from prolonged sun exposure
  • Bug spray to repel insects
  • A first aid kit for emergencies
  • Water and snacks (ideally healthy ones) to provide energy and hydration throughout your hike
  • A walking stick or hiking picks, especially if you are walking through an area that is icy or slippery 

We also recommend checking the weather forecast before you go out and plan accordingly depending on the anticipated weather for the day.

Trail Biking

A strong calf pedaling on a bike on a trail.

Trail biking beats hiking in the sense that you don’t have to walk, but there is a whole skill to using your bike while on the trails to avoid injury. Aside from having a bike that’s equipped for the terrain you’ll encounter, here’s all the recreational equipment you’ll need to stay safe and have a good time:

  • A good helmet that can help protect you from serious injury in case of a crash
  • Elbow and knee pads to protect your joints from bumps and bruises during a fall
  • Gloves to keep your hands warm and protected from blisters on long rides
  • A water bottle and carrier. Staying hydrated is key when mountain biking, especially in hot weather conditions.
  • A backpack with snacks and a map, similar to hiking, is important to ensuring you have energy and have a way to check where you are on a trail while you’re out. 

Canoeing and Kayaking

A man and woman kayaking on the lake.

While there are many water-based camping activities like paddleboarding and water skiing, a canoe or kayak is something that many people are eager to bring along on their campaign journeys. Canoeing and kayaking are also great recreational activities for novices because there is very little equipment required to get started, and many Rjourney resorts allow you to rent a kayak or canoe if you don’t have one of your own.

Just make sure you have your paddles, life jacket, or other safety flotation devices, a safety whistle, and possibly a map, and you should have everything you need to have a long, comfortable afternoon on the water.


A man standing in a lake while holding fish on a fishing line.

As you gain more experience, fishing can be surprisingly elaborate and technical, but fortunately for newbies looking to give the sport a chance, it takes very little recreational equipment to start fishing. So what do you need?

Obviously, you need a fishing pole. These can come in a nearly infinite variety, but most function in the same general way, so get one designed for beginners and upgrade to a nicer fishing pole once you’ve given this activity a fair shake. You’ll also want bait, bobbers, tackles, or some combination of the above to draw the attention of surrounding fish and lure them in for the bite.

Anything else you bring with you is either to augment these basic necessities or to appeal to a specific type of fishing. Make sure to check that it’s legal to fish wherever you intend to cast your line so you can keep things fun and safe for everyone.

Campfire Cooking

While cooking is often considered a hobby you indulge in at home, there is a large community that enjoys the art of open-fire cooking. The upside of this activity is that you almost have to participate in campfire cooking if you want to eat. However, how into campfire cooking you get is where the worlds of cooking to eat and cooking for the fun of it begin to separate. What you choose to cook with can vary widely, but some equipment can include: 

  • Pie irons to cook pies and other filling-style foods. 
  • Skewers to roast s’mores or hot dogs
  • A Dutch oven
  • Over fire camp grill
  • Suede grill gloves that will protect your hands and arms while you cook over the fire. 
  • Meat thermometer
  • Campfire cooking stand BBQ grill

These tools are crucial to getting you started with campfire cooking, but don’t forget that building a good campfire is critical to producing enough heat for your meals. Make sure you have all the materials you need to build your fire and enough kindling to keep the fire going while you prepare your food.

Enjoy Outdoor Recreation at Rjourney

No matter which recreational activity is your favorite, Rjourney’s RV resorts offer plenty of space and nearby attractions to do them all. If our resort isn’t equipped to accommodate your favorite activity, there’s sure to be a location nearby where you can scratch that itch. It was our mission to make outdoor recreational activities safe, easily accessible, and fun, while keeping modern luxuries like showers and air conditioning readily available. Experience the outdoors on your terms at one of our RV resorts today.

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