Summer Floating in Missouri

In this blog, our team will explore the best rivers for floating, share tips for a float trip, and show why floating in Missouri is a must-do experience. First-person perspective of a man floating down a river on a tube.

Throughout Missouri, a popular way locals and tourists have explored the great outdoors is through a float trip. With miles of waterways throughout the Show-Me State, there are countless options for adventure and fun. In this blog, our team at Rjourney will show why a float trip in Missouri is a must-do experience this summer.

What Is a Float Trip?

River floating is the act of floating along a river, usually in a kayak, canoe, or tube. Even though you’ll need a paddle for any redirections, the current will do most of the work, so you can take time and beat the summer heat with those close to you.

Missouri Float Trip Ideas

With a better understanding of what floating is, it’s time to find the right waterway to travel through. Each river offers varying experiences for different kinds of explorers, from those who want to be near the big city or further out in nature to those looking for a budget-friendly trip. Let us share some Missouri rivers to consider floating through on your next vacation.

Meramec River

Near Meramec State Park, this river flows around central Missouri toward St. Louis. Due to its length, it is among the state’s most popular float trip destinations. It is ideal for those looking for a river floating experience that can last a whole weekend.

Big Piney River

Another lengthy float trip worth experiencing is the Big Piney River. This 110-mile-long river cuts through the Mark Twain National Forest and provides a scenic journey through the heart of Missouri toward the Ozark Highlands and beyond.

Jacks Fork River

Another breathtaking waterway to consider traveling down is the Jacks Fork River. A part of the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways system, you can take in the sights and sounds of the clear waters surrounded by cliffs. One recommended path to go down is the 14-mile float from Alley Springs to Two Rivers.

Current River

The Current River is a picturesque river-floating experience no local or tourist should skip. Beginning at Montauk State Park and flowing through the southern parts of Missouri, this lengthy river provides floaters with stunning views of the state’s natural landscapes and beauty.

River Floating Tips

From packing calorie-dense food to being prepared for the unknown, it’s best to have the right tools and set of knowledge to make the most of your time down the river. Here are some essentials and safety equipment to take with you on your river floating trip:

  • Life jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Water shoes or sandals
  • Cooler filled with drinks
  • Container for trash

Check the river conditions before you set out on your float trip to help keep you, your friends, and your family from danger.

Book Your Perfect Missouri Float Trip With Rjourney

By staying at one of our Missouri RV resort parks, you can easily hit the watery parts of the state through Rjourney. Our Missouri locations are found at the following locations:

Are you ready to kick off your summer float trip? Contact us online to book your stay today!

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