10 Stops To Make Along Your Route 66 Trip

View of a sunset reflecting on the road of Route 66.

Almost a century later, a trip down Route 66 remains an ultimate bucket list item for people across the country. Commonly dubbed as the Mother Road, this historic highway is loaded with roadside attractions to explore. The only problem is choosing which ones to visit. Allow our team at Rjourney to share 10 stops you should make on your Route 66 road trip.

1. Chicago, IL

As you plan your cross-country road trip across Route 66, make your first stop at the road’s beginning in Chicago, IL. Exploring the big city is a great way to start your trip off with a bang. Make sure to find the sign designating the start of the highway at East Adams Street and South Michigan Avenue for a memorable photo.

2. Gemini Giant

The Gemini Giant is a landmark statue in Wilmington, IL, not far outside Chicago. Built in the ‘60s during the space race, this large-scale structure of an astronaut holding a rocket is a popular spot for travelers to take pictures.

3. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

In Abraham Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, IL, make a visit through history at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Enjoy learning in this widespread historical exhibition detailing his life from childhood through his time in office. 

4. Gateway Arch

As you cross the state border, swing by the famed Gateway Arch. Settled along the Mississippi, this legendary monument is accompanied by a museum and a luscious park in downtown St. Louis. Feeling adventurous? Take the elevator ride to the arch’s top for unbelievable views.

5. Meramec Caverns

Further into Missouri near Sullivan are the Meramec Caverns. These colorful caverns are filled with beautiful formations. Alongside guided tours, you can enjoy zip line rides and grab a souvenir at the on-site gift shop.

6. Blue Whale of Catoosa

Outside of Tulsa, OK, travelers will be greeted by the Blue Whale of Catoosa. Built in 1972, this giant whale, settled along a small pond, is a standout roadside attraction that has captured the imaginations of tourists and locals alike. There are also picnic areas set up for you to share a meal. 

7. Route 66 Museum

For a look into Route 66 history, stop by the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK. Learn about the history, myths, and culture of the iconic road through the vast collection of signs and photos on display. Make sure to tour the diner replica on your visit.

8. Cadillac Ranch

Right outside Amarillo, TX, sits Cadillac Ranch. This fascinating art installation of half-buried vintage Cadillacs covered in graffiti is a favorite among travelers and a great spot for pictures. 

9. Petrified Forest National Park

Deep in the Arizona desert sits Petrified Forest National Park. Home to countless fossils and prehistoric formations, this is a must-see destination for any nature lover.

10. Santa Monica Pier

Rounding out the perfect Route 66 road trip is the Santa Monica Pier. With a museum, amusement park, and various shops, take a look at the Pacific Ocean and bring a beautiful end to the road trip of a lifetime.

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