Convenience Store

When packing for your road trip getaway, you’re bound to forget something. Maybe you left behind your toothbrush or need more toilet paper for your RV. No matter what you need more of, RJourney’s campgrounds have on-site convenience stores so you can pick up any items you’ve forgotten or stock up on snacks before you make the journey home.

Items for Sale at the Convenience Store

When you’ve been on the road, the last thing you want to do is get back in the car to drive to the nearest store to pick up items you forgot. That’s why we’ve equipped all of our RV parks with a convenience store, packed with nearly everything you might need during your stay:

Camping Supplies

From firewood to ice, our parks carry all the essentials you need during your trip to keep you warm and your drinks cold. We also sell fire-starting supplies, lighter fluid, and charcoal if you decide to use a grill on the campsite—as well as plastic ponchos in the event of unexpected rain.

Toiletries and Household Items

Forgot toothpaste or ran out of deodorant? We have the essential toiletries and hygiene products you might have forgotten. In addition to soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, we also sell socks and underwear in case you decide to extend your stay and need more undergarments for the remainder of your trip.

In addition to toiletries, some of our campsites that offer laundry rooms sell detergent, bleach, and fabric softener in case you need to do a little laundry. Our stores also sell disinfectant wipes and other cleaning materials for your RV or cabin.

Snacks and Grilling Materials

The only bad thing about snacks is that they always run out. Lucky for you, our convenience stores sell plenty of crackers, chips, fruit snacks, and soft drinks to hold you over in between meals. Select stores offer sell a small selection of beers and hard seltzers to add to your grill-out. Speaking of grill-outs, we also sell foil, paper plates, and plastic cutlery so you can enjoy your smokey festivities without the messy clean-up.


Every vacation should be commemorated with a souvenir. Select convenience stores offer souvenir t-shirts, mugs, plushies for the kids, and more. Make your trip truly one to remember with a branded keepsake of your stay.

Find What You Need During Your Stay with RJourney

Whether you’ve forgotten something or need to restock, we have you covered. One forgotten item shouldn’t derail your trip or take you away from the little oasis you’ve created at our park. With convenience stores stocked with all the camping essentials, you’ll never have to leave the park to get what you need. Ready to experience this plus everything else our parks have to offer? Book your RV getaway with RJourney today!

Features and amenities vary by location & are subject to change at anytime. Please contact your selected RJourney RV Resort directly to confirm features and amenities. 

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