10 Tasty and Quick Camping Meals

From one-pot wonders to Dutch oven delights, elevate your outdoor dining experience with these tasty and easy camping recipes from Rjourney. A couple cooks a meal while sitting outside their tent on the campground.

During your camping trip, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice good food at any point of your journey. From one-pot delights to Dutch oven camping recipes, you can enjoy homestyle cooking, all with the right supplies and the best camping recipes.

Let our team at Rjourney share 10 tasty and easy camping recipes to try on your next adventure!


Campfire Skillet Potato and Egg Scramble

One camping recipe idea to start your day with is a potato and egg scramble. Simply take out and heat your iron skillet over a fire, fry up some scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes, and add any fixings and toppings you desire.

Camping Breakfast Burritos

Another way to enjoy similar ingredients differently is with breakfast burritos. This savory and versatile recipe allows you to enjoy breakfast without limiting when you can get on the move.


Dutch Oven Campfire Nachos

Are you ready to use your Dutch oven? Whip up some campfire nachos for your party. Place your chips, cheeses, and toppings in your Dutch oven, place a lid on top, and let it heat up on the campfire. Dig in once the cheese is melted and the fixings are warmed to perfection!

Campfire Skillet Quesadillas

One popular lunchtime option for those with iron skillets is campfire quesadillas. This dish is quick to prepare and easy to serve to a larger group. To achieve a crispy exterior, we recommend coating the outside of the tortilla with olive oil or butter.

Fire-Roasted Hot Dogs

A staple of the campground, hot dogs are among the most popular meals you can make. All you need is to get a fire going and cook your hot dogs to your preference. The fast cooking time makes this an ideal option for lunch. Don’t forget to bring toppings like ketchup, mustard, relish, cheese, and more.


One-Pot Campfire Chili

If you plan to camp during the winter, a camping recipe you should make is one-pot chili. This warm and hearty meal provides layers of flavor, all with a simple cooking process and even easier cleanup. You can personalize your chili to tailor it to your exact taste with toppings and fixings.

Campfire Dutch Oven Mac and Cheese

Another Dutch oven staple for camping is mac and cheese. Heat your Dutch oven, cook your noodles, and melt your cheese to ooey-gooey goodness. You can add meats and other ingredients for protein and added flavors.

Iron Skillet Pizzas

You may want to bring out the cast iron skillet once again for dinner. Try making a pizza! Easily shareable and feeds many, even picky eaters, an iron skillet pizza is an excellent option for those camping with kids.


Campfire Apple Crisp

Perfect for autumn, apple crisp is a delicious and vegan sweet treat for all sorts of campers. At the campfire, warm up with those you love and share this fall-inspired delicacy under the night sky.


Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Don’t just make s’mores—make some S’mOreos! This twist on a campfire classic allows you to turn the sandwich cookie into a rich delicacy fit for the great outdoors.

Enjoy the Best Campfire Cooking at Rjourney 

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