Late Summer Fishing for RVers in Colorado

Allow our team at Rjourney to show great late summer fishing destinations throughout Colorado for RV travelers. A person fly-fishing along a Colorado river.

As the warm summer weather turns into crisper fall evenings, it’s not too late to take your RV and explore the many fishing hot spots in Colorado. With so many natural landmarks found statewide, it can be difficult to settle on where to fish. Allow our team at Rjourney to guide you through the many great late summer fishing destinations in Colorado.

Things To Know Before You Fish

Before you set out on your adventure, you’ll want to ensure you not only have all the fishing equipment you need but the right paperwork as well. Specifically, you’ll need to acquire a Colorado fishing license. You can purchase varying degrees of licenses, including a resident one-day fishing license. But if you plan to fish for more than a single occasion, we recommend you get a license that allows you to cast your line for longer periods of time.

Best Fishing Spots in Colorado

Ready to hit the water? The next step is to find a pristine fishing spot that’s suitable for fishing and camping with your RV. From the Denver metropolitan area to the southwestern regions of the state, Colorado is filled with jaw-dropping natural gems. Allow us to share some of them with you.

Standley Lake

Located in northwest Denver is Standley Lake, one of the largest water reservoirs in the Denver metro area, standing at approximately 1,200 acres in size. Accompanied by a 1,000-acre regional park, this body of water offers various fish species for you to reel in, including trout and bass.

Chatfield State Park

Want an even bigger body of water closer to the heart of Denver? Look southward toward Chatfield State Park. With another steady population of trout and bass, this scenic lake also offers a park with countless hiking and biking trails for you to explore in between lines.

Gunnison River

Maybe you’re looking for something further west of Denver and closer to the mountains. Make a stop near Gunnison River. Through the heart of the Black Canyon and Gunnison National Park, this mighty river provides several serene and plentiful places for you to make your next prize catch.

San Juan National Forest

Another gem of Colorado can be found in the southwest regions of the state at San Juan National Forest. Within this lush and lavish landscape are several key spots to hook your next catch, including McPhee Reservoir. Not far from the town of Dolores, McPhee Reservoir provides fishing enthusiasts prime opportunities for unique catches like rainbow trout and walleye. 

Plan Your Late Summer RV Camping Trip With Rjourney

You can find the best RV camping trip for late summer fishing with Rjourney. Regardless of when you choose to go camping, you can enjoy the on-site amenities and proximity to major fishing spots at each of our premier Colorado RV resorts.

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