Tips for Bringing Your Pets on Your Next Camping Trip

This blog post provides essential tips for a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure with your pets, such as necessary supplies for pet-friendly activities. A shot of a Golden Retriever dog looking into a tent's opening while on an outdoor camping trip.

Camping is an exciting adventure for all members of the family. This also includes your furry friends! Whether you want to go camping with a dog or a cat, it’s best to be prepared for you and your pet and have a list of activities to do once you’re at your campsite. Allow our team at Rjourney to give you essential tips for pet-friendly camping.

Research Campground Rules and Regulations

Before booking your trip, make sure your campground allows pets on-site. Most pet-friendly campsites have certain restrictions, such as leashes, vaccinations, and collars. Doing this research first will save you a headache down the road.

Know Your Pet

According to the NPS, another thing to know before you embark on your trip is to know your pet. Ensure that your camping trip won’t put your pet in any danger or be a threat to you or fellow campers.

Pack Lots of Food and Water

Bring enough water and food to keep your furry companions safe, fed, and hydrated as you pack. Don’t let your pet drink natural water or only allow them to eat the food you bring so you don’t attract wildlife. Collapsible bowls are helpful for camping since they don’t occupy much space.

Prepare a First Aid Kit

Consider preparing a first-aid kit for your pet. Like other safety supplies, this will best position your pet to remain carefree, happy, and protected from pests and other ailments. Things to pack include regular and extra medication, tweezers, gauze, and waste bags.

Additional Pet Camp Gear To Pack

Alongside food, water, and medical supplies, there are specific items you should pack to make camping with your dog or cat as enjoyable an experience as possible. These items include the following:

  • Stake and tether
  • Outdoor-safe toys
  • Attachable ID tag
  • Extra towels
  • Camping bed
  • Camping dog fence

Pet-Friendly Camping Activities

Once at the campground, the great outdoors is right within your and your pet’s reach. Don’t just stay inside the camper. Participate in these fun pet-friendly camping activities throughout your stay:

  • Hiking trails. For high-energy pets, explore the wilderness safely by hiking trails and paths near your campsite. 
  • Swimming at the beach. Is there a lake near your campground? Let your pet cool off with a swim.
  • Playing fetch. Allow your furry friend to burn off energy at your campsite with some fetch. 
  • Soaking in the sunshine. For older or more laid-back pets and campers, bathe in the sun during long, warm days. 

Keep Your Pet Close

Whether you bring your cat or dog camping, don’t let them get out of sight. If you can, put them on a lease. In addition, keeping them near you allows for more opportunities for photos and unique and special memories.

Enjoy Pet-Friendly Camping Through Rjourney

Want a dog-friendly or cat-friendly camping experience? Turn to us at Rjourney! We’ve several campgrounds nationwide for you and your furry friend to explore. Contact us online to book your stay now!

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