Budget Road Trip Tips

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As fuel prices and overall expenses continue to rise, it can feel like your perfect road trip is out of reach. Yet, with cost-effective tips and tricks available, there are ways you can make your dream road trip happen without breaking the bank! In this blog, our team at Rjourney will provide helpful, money-saving tips to make the most of your budget-friendly vacation. 

How to Plan a Road Trip

Planning a road trip is the key to staying organized and within budget. However, there are ways you can save money without sacrificing any fun. Proper planning will lead to more opportunities along the way.

Let us share five ways you can be the travel planner for your budget road trip:

1. Set a Travel Budget

The first step is to set a travel budget for yourself. We recommend that you don’t choose a set number but a range. Selecting a budget range will provide more flexibility in your plans. After all, if you end up being slightly under your budget, it will give you further opportunities for another activity or save what you didn’t spend on another trip in the future. 

2. Create a Budget-Friendly Route

Once you have set a budget and destination, the next step is to figure out how to get there. Do your research on which routes will save you time and gas. Quite often, these routes are less congested than highways, meaning you’re less likely to run into tolls. Ensure your vehicle is in good condition to avoid unexpected issues. 

3. Cook Your Own Food

A large part of travel expenses comes with constant trips to restaurants. Cut out the dining and bring or make your own food to save money. Alongside pre-packaged food and snacks, you can also find areas to cook. For example, when you stay at a campground, you can make your meals over a campfire

4. Do More, Drive Less

When you comprise a list of road trip ideas, try to spend less time on the road and more time making memories of stops and attractions along the way. Popular, cost-effective activities along major roads and highways include national parks, public museums, monuments, and picnic areas. 

5. Find Cheap Places to Travel in the United States

Finally, when looking for a place to stay, you don’t need to go to a hotel to enjoy your getaway. Staying at a campground can bring a wide range of benefits to both you and your wallet. When you camp at an RV resort such as those with Rjourney, you’ll find each resort filled with affordable camping spots, amenities for you to use, and on-site activities for you and the family to enjoy. 

Find Your Budget-Friendly Vacation Destination at Rjourney

Explore new areas and attractions without breaking your budget, and stay with us at Rjourney. With RV resorts across 13 states, you can enjoy our onsite amenities and activities and further embrace the little pleasures of your budget-friendly getaway. Start planning your vacation with us by contacting our team online now!

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