Keep Critters Out With These Camping Food Storage Tips

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From bears to raccoons, animals are constantly hunting for food and water. That doesn’t mean they should steal from your campsite to do so. On your next vacation, using the best food storage practices and methods to keep wildlife away from human food is best. Allow our team at Rjourney to show you how to store food while camping. 

Camping Food Storage Ideas

It’s important to consider the possibility of wildlife coming across your campsite and sneaking into your food. However, utilizing quality containers and tools is even more essential to prevent animals from eating human food. Let us show you three animal-proof food storage methods you can use on your next camping trip.

1. Bear Canisters

Durably designed to fit in your backpack, bear canisters are an excellent resource for keeping your food out of animals’ reach. Typically, bear canisters can be left on the ground with a hard-shell plastic casing, unlike other tools that need to be hung. The only downside is that they usually weigh two to three pounds, so consider their weight. 

2. Bear Bags

Consider using bear bags for a more lightweight and compact camping food storage option. When you store food containers in these bags, you can easily hang them on trees and block out odors from wildlife. Just make sure your campground allows bear bags before you start camping. 

3. Hang Your Food

Another simpler way to store food is to hang it away from your campsite. Although it doesn’t provide the same odor protection as bear bags and canisters, you don’t have to worry about special equipment, as a sturdy bag and rope will do the trick. Make sure to hang from a strong and high tree limb or pole.

Additional Camping Food Storage Tips

Throughout your campground stay, it’s essential to find a method of food storage that works best for you without wasting any delicious delicacies. Among the most important ways to preserve food is by practicing good sanitation. A clean campsite will be less likely to attract animals of many kinds. Here are some additional sanitation tips to use on your trip:

  • Wash and dry your hands frequently
  • If you can’t wash, use hand sanitizers and wipes
  • Shake trail mixes out of bags to avoid cross-contact with unwashed hands
  • Keep any odors at a distance


To avoid spoiling your food, bring a cooler with you. There are various coolers, so make sure to find the right size to fit your and your fellow campers’ food and drinks. One good idea is to pre-chill your cooler ahead of time with ice or ice blocks. 

Handling Raw Meat

Do you have any raw meat for your campfire meals? Make sure to transport all meat in bags with zippers. Another good idea is to cut your meat before you arrive at the campground. After handling raw meat, wash all contaminated items with hot water and soap, including your hands. 

Plan Your Ultimate Camping Getaway With Rjourney

Whether you want a weekend getaway or a long-term stay, your perfect camping trip is here with us at Rjourney. With many campsite options and a wide range of on-site amenities, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the peace and calm of the outdoors in comfort.
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